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Affordable Insurance as Provided by Anthem Insurance

Shieldon asked:

What people in California know as the Anthem Blue Cross insurance has links to the Anthem insurance. Anthem insurance is an established player in the market of medical insurance for a long time now and the company is known for cheap and affordable health insurance.

In the first half of this decade, the company merged the Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations coming from many states and moving from non-profit status to a profit company. Anthem Blue Cross is a known provider of affordable health insurance and one of the names most Californians know. The name has been in the state for some seven decades now and the name is known to provide health and financial security. Some data placed the number of customers of these health insurance providers at 8.3 million in the state of California alone. The affordable health insurance of Anthem Blue Cross insurance works because the insurance provider focuses on two things; it focuses on quality and there is a focus on community involvement.

•    Quality. In terms of quality, the medical insurance from Blue Cross is well-known.  The Anthem Blue Cross HMO and the POS have earned something that will make the consumers of their health insurance plan proud. The insurance provider was awarded the Excellent Accreditation status and this citation was given by the Committee for Quality Assurance or the NCQA. The accreditation and the citation don’t end there. The company is also the first and the only PPO in the state of California that have earned the Full Accreditation coming from the NCQA5. The Full Accreditation is the highest level any PPO can get. This provider also launched the Zagat Survey which is an online tool that can allow for customer-provider interaction. This serve as the platform where consumers can share their own experiences. The consumers can freely use the survey online and this can be accessed thru the consumer’s health plan site.

•    Community participation. Anthem insurance and now Blue Cross is known for its participation in community building. The health insurance provider has been funding research studies in some California universities and the some of these researches include a focus on the need for cancer screenings and to the need to increase the immunization rates on children. The insurance provider also opened the www.nuestrobien.com, a site that caters to the Hispanic community and urging them to live a healthy life. It also partnered with the federal government in promoting fitness and sports thru the many programs.

Anthem insurance is a known provider of medical insurance and it is backed by its affordable health insurance is backed by services. It also has unique product offerings that may cater to the individual, the small and the large group. The product range will include that special provision for special services and unique education. The product range will also include dental, vision and life health insurance coverage and more importantly Blue Cross also has its Health Management Program. This is an impressive listing of programs, tools and services that can benefit consumers.


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