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Tonik From Anthem Blue Cross

Jeffrey Peterson asked:

TONIK from Anthem Blue Cross is a new concept in PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) health insurance.

The plan is marketed exclusively by the web, and agents who sell TONIK link to an online enrollment interface that the insurer hosts.

While the success of TONIK itself it notable, the reasons for the success are even more surprising. First of all, TONIK is described not only in plain language, but also in appropriate slang for the target audience. Even the plan names are intended to please the young target buyer…

“Part-Time-Dare-Devil”, “Thrillseeker” and “Calculated Risk Taker”. Quite a departure for a venerated company like Anthem, who for years extolled tradition as a central value for health insurance.

Probably even more than the names, ancillary benefits (dental and vision) entice buyers to choose TONIK. You may never have a heart attack, but you will certainly need an eye exam and a teeth cleaning.

Each of the three varieties of TONIK include dental and vision benefits, without an additional cost. So while you want the coverage in case of an accident, you know you will use the Dental and Vision for sure.

I don’t think it will be long before other companies create exciting (as exciting as insurance can be) health plans to compete, but in the mean time, TONIK is setting records for a 65 year old company, and that is saying something.



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