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What can I do to get dental care without dental insurance?

Hi everyone, I’m a 2x veteran that seperated from the Army, recently I have trouble finding a dentist that will provide dental care under a Vet Affairs dental reimbursement program. Because I have one missing tooth (pre-existing cond.), the costs for the dental implant exceeded the VA fee schedule, therefore will not reimburse the dentist. VA has been ignoring my case for almost a year now. If I go for priv dent. ins. I will not be covered for a teeth implant. Now I’m thinking of going to Mexico for dental care. Are there any other options?

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4 Responses to “What can I do to get dental care without dental insurance?”
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  2. First off.Thank you for your sevice! Have you tried talking to your local veterans groups?You could also contact your Governor or Senator and maybe they can help.If I had the money I would pay it for you because none of our veterans should ever have to worry about any health care of any kind.If someone reading this is willing to help and knows how to set it up so we could donate straight to a Dentist in your area,I bet we could collect it in no time.

  3. Unfortunately veterans get stuck behnd the 8 ball on this one, and I am so sorry for that. The fees that the VA allows are so low that most dentists can’t work with that fee schedule without losing their shirt. The whole VA Dental program s a joke. We have tried in the past to work with some of the vets in our area and the hospitals put you guys on hold forever. Not a very nice way to say thanks for your service. You should speak with your local government representative to see what can be done in your area. Best of luck and well wishes

  4. First off, thank you for the sacrifices you have made serving our country. I think it is horrible that you should have to pay for any kind of healthcare! But since there is no immediate fix, I do have a suggestion. I have a discount dental plan and it doesn’t matter if you have a preexisting condition.
    The website is

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