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How come hospitals don’t have dental departments for after hours emergency dental care ?

A friend of mine broke his tooth on Friday evening. He went to a local hospital emergency room and was given pain meds and told to see his dentist first thing Monday morning. Why can’t hospitals provide emergency dental care !

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5 Responses to “How come hospitals don’t have dental departments for after hours emergency dental care ?”
  1. The problem is most hospitals don’t see dental care as a priority, but I do know that’s changing to an extent. I can relate to your question though, specially after a root canal and extraction — Had to take painkillers at 10pm as there was no way to reach a dentist.

  2. because a broken tooth is not an emergency. emergency rooms are abused. youre not gonna die from a broken tooth. its an EMERGENCY room. life or death….not, oh i cant get in to see my doctor room. i work in ems and i see abuse of the system all the time. did your friend call an ambulance to take him to the er? i wouldnt be surprised if he did. and people…calling an ambulance doesnt get you to the front of the line, unless you are truely sick. all it does is tie up an ambulance for your lazy butt, when someone else out there could really be dying and need us. we are not a taxi service!

  3. Because our greedy health care system is horrible ! While a broken tooth isn’t exactly an emergency it is crucial to get immediate dental care to have a chance to save a tooth. If you have to wait two or three days to see your dentist, chances are you’ll lose a tooth that probably could have been saved.

    It’s a sad situation that our health care system is so expensive, so horrible and above not accessible to everyone.

    When doctors offices are closed the only other place to get medical attention is via hospital emergency rooms and while some medical issues may not be emergency in nature, where else can you get treatment after hours.

  4. this is for the EMS person. **** Ya kno that was pretty rude. Phade3 is right.. health care system is broken….WHERE ARE U SUPPOSED TO GO WHEN ALL OFFICES ARE CLOSED?? WHERE ARE U SUPPOSED TO GO ON THE WEEKENDS WHEN OFFICES ARE CLOSED??*** The reason I am so offended by the EMS person is because I ALMOST DIED BECAUSE OF A TOOTH INFECTION. TY VERY MUCH. and the pain…oh the pain..as an ems person you should know that NERVE PAIN IS THE WORST PAIN. AND YA KNOW WHAT?? PEOPLE COME IN WITH A BROKEN LEG AT 3 AM AND THEY DONT CRITISIZED DO THEY??? NOOOO!!!!! I am a Certified Medical Assistant. I hate our health care system and some of its inconsiderate EMPLOYEES!!!

  5. To Spygirl, obviously you have never had a dental infection so severe that your face is swollen almost twice its size along with a dangerously high fever! I would call this TRULY sick and in need of emergency care. I can see that working in an ER and seeing those who do abuse the system has jaded you toward the sick..how scary and sad. Maybe you should consider a new line of work.

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