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Is Dental Coverage being considered in any of the Health Care Bill options?

I am more concerned with providing for my and my families Dental Care. Every dental plan I can find basically sucks. Everything we put in our bodies goes through our mouth so naturally your dental health is paramount to healthy living.

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4 Responses to “Is Dental Coverage being considered in any of the Health Care Bill options?”
  1. got your hand out again, i see.

    you’d end up better off by working hard and paying for what you need.

  2. IMO it should. You’re right when you say that dental care is just as important as regular care. I’ve read that people with poor oral hygiene have a higher chance of heart disease. If we had more preventative care and people actually took care of their bodies, we would see a huge reduction in how much it would cost to treat people.

  3. Unfortunately, Mental Care ranks right up there with Dental Care. I can’t do much if I’m hallucinating, can I? But Mental Care in most places has been an afterthought.

    And so it goes.

    I don’t believe it is being considered. However, I say let them address Medical first. That’s a big enough problem.

  4. No, I don’t believe so. Dental care is, for the most part, elective. The plan would cover injury to teeth (for example, in an accident), but it would not cover routine dental work.

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