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What’s the cheapest way to get dental care?

Since the health insurance that I have doesn’t cover dental and I’m not able to afford separate dental insurance, I haven’t been to a dentist in three years. Is there is a cheap way to get dental care without getting a cheap dentist that will do a crappy job?

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23 Responses to “What’s the cheapest way to get dental care?”
  1. go to jail,I’ve heard it’s free in there.=)

  2. move to Canada. its free there

  3. come to Australia

  4. Join the military. Or move to a country with decent health care. No guarantee they won’t do a crappy job though….

  5. i`m afraid not

  6. cassie_paige Says:

    Try a dental school in your area. They do great work (the instructor stays in the area) and it is cheap because they have to have people to work on.

  7. beachloveric Says:

    I went to the University of Pennsylvania Dental School and had work done. It was not free but cheap and done by a student, supervised. Try the local dental school.

  8. if there is a college in your area or a dental school or something, go there. you will have a student working on you but they are under close supervision and in my experience, if you are just getting a basic checkup, that’s pretty hard to mess up. you may want to ask for someone more experiences if you have to get something else done though

  9. Go to a community dental clinic. Some of them have low cost dental services for the uninsured or check if where you live there is a dental school, some provide very low cost dental work because the ones that are doing the actual work are the students with very close supervision from the professor.

  10. robert KS LEE. Says:

    no,no short cut to get cheapest dental care except u take care urself only.cheapest n ineffective who suffer most?

  11. alpinestars31 Says:

    A bottle of whiskey and pair of pliers

  12. go to a dental school and be a practes dummy for the students good luck @#@#@!!!!!!!!

  13. shannonlee05 Says:


  14. Go to Tijuana Mexico, just over the border. Lots of retirees go there for dental work. They are all trained in the USA.

  15. you can get dental care from schools that offer dental classes. The students need to work on peoples teeth to graduate so the schools build dental offices at the schools and they only charge for the costs of matters (x-rays, floride, etc.) You can even get your teeth whitened for less then a third of what a regular dentest would charge.


  17. If you live near a dental school, sign up for routine care there. If you have to pay something, it will be cents on the dollar.

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  19. Justwondering2007 Says:

    My husband and I pay for the entire household $19.95 per month for our dental benefits. An individual costs $11.95. They save you up to 80% on your dental work.

    The company also adds free benefits with your dental. Free Prescription, Free Dental and Free Vision.

    I use there prescription card the most but a few wks ago broke a tooth and saved me a few hundred.

    I’d look into them as well.

  20. Dr Anshu Gupta Says:

    You might want to consider getting world class dental treatment in India and get a vacation out of it at the same time.

    We provide world class dental services in India to international patients. You can learn more at

    We treated numerous international patients and they have been very happy with the results.

  21. Also Brazil has grreat dentist at good prices

  22. Dental Colleges provide cheap professional work.

  23. Pay cash, pay upfront, get a better deal than any discount card. Select a practice that does not have an insurance mentality. Look for a practice that has only one or 2 operatories at the most. Most every community will have at least one practice where cash is king, and cash paying patients are treated like loyalty.

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