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Does dental insurance fall under the Health Care Reform Obama is proposing?

Im trying to see that if Health care also includes dental care. I hadnt been to the dentist for years since it was too expensive. I am writing a paper and I need something that I can relate to the health care discussion.

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7 Responses to “Does dental insurance fall under the Health Care Reform Obama is proposing?”
  1. of course it does.

  2. Kang....or Kodos? Says:

    Yes, it does.

  3. The (Teddy Roosevelt) Republican Says:

    That is a very good question. I don’t believe dental benefits have been proposed in the current health care reform. And it should be. There is proof that problems with teeth can lead to other health problems (heart ailments and even brain ailments.) There is one case I know of where a woman let an abscess tooth go and it eventually killed her.

  4. Shrubya der Fuhrer Says:

    not to my knowledge

    you have a good point that dental care can be expensive and there are some links between dental health and heart disease, for example. However, I don’t that will be added to the bill. Can you imagine the new wave of stupid talk and fervor that would come out if dental care was included? Ignorant people would rant and rave about poor people and immigrants getting teeth whitenings, caps, gold teeth, etc…basically every ridiculous thing you can think of.

  5. Unfortunately it does. Hello socialism! God forbid we work for anything anymore. “I quit high school, because there is no poinĂ¾ in working, because I will have everyThing handed to me on a silver platter anyway.” Say goodbye to people actually trying, since there is noThing pushing them anymore!

  6. king_geoian13 Says:

    It does, and it really shouldn’t. Dental care is more of a luxury item for health care than it is a necessity.

  7. Hi ya

    I would look for the health policies for the different states in the USA in google babes, thanks for the quest, you do keep me thinking dont you I like that.
    Miss I can’t remember your name ?
    If your in the USA I can’t help you experiance speakes bundles love

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