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How do low income people with no dental insurance get care for their teeth?

My best friends teeth are in need of dental care and she doesnt’ have good credit or dental insurance. I know that hospitals care for people with no money on t.v. all the time, but what does someone like her do? She isn’t in pain with them, but she is about to lose 2 of her teeth if something isn’t done soon and she is so sad and I am sad for her. Please help!! We live in the Houston area.

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13 Responses to “How do low income people with no dental insurance get care for their teeth?”
  1. Call your local dental college.They can help.

  2. The dental college might knock off 20 to 30% and they will routinely pick and choose the easy work that they want to do, and reject the other.

  3. CAll Marvian zendler from eye wittness new she made get a teeth make over

  4. Try looking for dental clinics. These are students who finishing up their degree and have to get used to working on people before they go out in the field. Also if your friend has low income, try applying for benefits of some sort. If she is working, they might be able to help her out sooner.

  5. Contact the county’s department of social services. They can get her set up with not only dental care, but medical care, too.

  6. there’s not a whole lot of options. sorry, my husband and i have the same problem. maybe try to get on some kind of governmeant program, like in our area there is a free dental clinic you just have to go to ask around maybe the health dept. or dept. of human services office would know something?

  7. I would try your local dental school. Their fees tend to be low. In Houston, the University of Texas has a dental school.

    Becoming a Patient at UT:

    Patients are accepted to the Dental Branch based on their need for either comprehensive (“complete”) or emergency/limited care. Our school clinics include predoctoral (“student”), postdoctoral (advanced general dentistry and dental specialty), and dental hygiene. Through these clinics and others located in outside facilities, we are able to provide care for a wide variety of patient needs.

    Here is the contact number:

    Patient Line (Appointments and Information)
    Adults and children over 10 yrs

    Good luck.

  8. The government pays for them tell her to go and get public aid it will cover it. No one should have to suffer or be in pain.

  9. I wish I could help but my dental procedures are draining me dry. Dental insurance is a joke. I don’t know if all dental insurance is the same but Aetna seems to be a scam. They need to offer a better plan for more money or revamp the whole thing.

    I had a root canal in 1999 or 2000 and it recently cracked from back to front of my mouth. Anyway I needed the tooth pulled and bone regeneration done for a titanium implant. The first part of the procedure was $ 1165.00 + check up visit costs. Aetna dental covered $116.00 of that cost and about $30 for visits. The titanium implant is going to be $2000.00 and aetna will not cover one cent. After the implant has time to set then I will get a crown over the implant and Aetna will cover a little less than half of the cost, I hope.

  10. We have programs that will help you pay for the cost of those teeth. Check out of programs or benefits

  11. Try contacting these people,,

    Univ of Tx Dental college

    Here’s another list of organiations/agencies

    Most of these places are overloaded,,and there’s usually waiting lists and “red tape”…
    It’s frustrating,,but stick with it.

    Thanks for trying to help your friend

    Good luck to Y’all

  12. Contact your local or state dental association and and see if there are any dentists who provide free or reduced cost care for low-income, disabled or senior patients.

    Call your local health department and ask about health centers that provide dental care for free or on a sliding scale.

    Your local United Way may also be aware of such a clinic. In some areas, you can reach them now by dialing 2-1-1 for “non-emergency information.”

    Go to a dental school, if there is one near you, for reduced costs.

    Check to see if low-cost or free dental services are available near you.

    Check and choose “Find a Health Center” to see if there is a low-cost clinic near you.

    If worse comes to worse, check out and see if you can find a funding source.

  13. I have the same exact dilema you friend is in. however i have medicaid if you have a problem with your tooth they will only pay for it to be yanked out….I have no other options myself so i’m glad i came to look at your page

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