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Where can i find low cost dental care?

Right now I cannot afford dental care & need it desperately. How do I find someone to help me? There’s got to be somebody out there that will help people who need it badly. Any suggestions??
Barbie, I’m from West Tennessee.

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5 Responses to “Where can i find low cost dental care?”
  1. Most major cities have dental schools that look for patients. The services are often low cost or free.

    Check your Yellow Pages under schools of Dentistry.

    Good Luck

  2. i live in Hamilton and we have a health bus that provides free dental care to anyone with or without i.d. if you don’t have one in your town , then you might want to go visit someone in Canada . every town here has a free dental clinic .

  3. jenteacher2001 Says:

    Schools of dentistry at major universities usually have clinics, although the waiting lists can be terribly long as people need dental work and it is so expensive.
    If I were you I would go ahead and make an appointment with a dentist you have heard good things about in your area, and go for a consultation…(consultation should be free.) Explain the situation to the dentist…that you want to get your teeth fixed, low on money, want to work out a plan of action….and so on…and the dentist can give you a plan for your mouth that has prices on it. You save up the money for each part and then go have that part done. In the meanwhile, really look for some dental insurance, which is usually pretty cheap, like under 15 dollars a month, and even though there may be a waiting period before you can use it, it will help in the long run. The dentist at your consultation can give you some ideas of what plans you can look into for that.
    I feel for you, and good luck in this endeavor…Best of luck–

  4. xango77juicelady Says:

    i was in the same spot i lost a tooth right in front i went to the dental college in detriot michigan got a plate for cheap

  5. tell me where r u from?

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