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Does anyone know of low cost or free Dental care?

We live in Norhwest Ohio,and my 21 year old son has really bad teeth and needs dentures.However, he does not have insurance through his job and can’t afford to pay for them himself.I am really worried about the health affects from his teeth.So, does anyone in Ohio know of free or low cost dental care or any organizations that can help pay?

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2 Responses to “Does anyone know of low cost or free Dental care?”
  1. Check with local colleges. If there is a dental program, they might be able to get him in, little to no cost. Usually long waits though, if he can wait.

  2. You can call your local dentist school, and ask, sometimes the senior students will do the work needed, also call your local hospitals and ask, sometimes they have free dental clinics. GL

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