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Dental Care Costs Surge Across The United States

Today across the United States, 7 out of 10 people go without dental care. Due to the high cost of coverage, one of the first benefits that are usually dropped by employers is dental. It is then left up to the employee to fund the cost of dental from his or her own pocket.

A single crown can cost over a thousand dollars. A root canal can be between $700-$900. An initial oral exam can be over $100. What is the average family of four without dental coverage to do?

In 2002 The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average household income of a family of four was $36,764. This showed an increase over 2001 by 1.5%. If we optimistically compute a continuous increase of 1.5 % per year, we find today’s average income is estimated at $39,605.27. That figure amounts to less than $830 a week before taxes. After housing, utilities, transportation, food and clothing is calculated very little is available to take care of little Nancy’s sore tooth or her need for orthodontics.

In fact, even if dental care is available, it is often turned down by lower income employees. The income earner in the family must determine and prioritize the expenditure of household income and that sometimes means that Nancy will not get the braces she needs.

Fortunately there is an answer. There are excellent discount plans that are now available to save on dental coverage. Some even carry additional benefits, such as vision, prescription and chiropractic. Today, through discount plans, options are available to allow everyone to have the important dental coverage that their family needs.

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