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Davids Cheap Ideas To Follow When Choosing Faux Wood Crown Molding

When on the lookout for crown molding for your house you may need to consider faux wood crown molding. It comes in the same large array of shapes and types as typical crown molding but generally costs far less. There are plenty of different materials that may be used to make faux wood crown molding including resin, polyurethane, and polystyrene. Once these materials are painted they’ll appear just like wood crown molding and won’t need quite as much upkeep. If you need your fake wood crown molding to seem like stained wood you will need to hire a pro pretend finisher. Think about the appearance you are working to create in your house and decide if fake wood crown molding would work for you.
 Faux wood crown molding is way easier to put in than crown molding created from real wood. Primarily, it is lighter which is a genuine benefit when you consider installing it next to the ceiling. Both polystyrene and polyurethane crown molding can be cut nailed in without the utilization of special adhesives. These sorts of crown molding won’t crack, split, or break so you do not need to be as careful as you would with wood crown molding. To make installing pretend wood crown molding easier you can pre drill the holes and employ a cordless drill.
 One of the best uses of new faux wood crown molding is when you’re installing in on a curved surface. Resin pretend wood crown molding is extremely flexible and good for curved applications. It will be much less costly than trying to install wood crown molding in a rounded area. Resin crown molding can be custom ordered to work on a specific radius. While this may seem expensive the work costs that are involved with installing real wood crown molding on a bent surface can be astronomic.

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