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A Buyers Guide To Glue Guns and Hot Melt Adhesives

Glue guns can be bought in low temperature and high temperature hot-melt versions. Low temperature units heat up to about 120º C and are more suitable where a high temperature is undesirable. High-temperature guns} heat up to around 195°C and give a stronger bond. Also available are dual glue guns which feature a switch so that both low and high temperatures can be utilised for different purposes.

For industrial purposes, there are a wide range of heavy duty glue guns available which are designed and constructed to optimise production efficiency. These units range from high output pneumatic industrial glue guns to adjustable temperature guns.

Glue sticks are on the market in several different diameters for different varieties and sizes of glue guns. The most common size has a diameter of 11mm. Glue sticks are also available in various lengths, from about 10cm upwards. However, the majority of glue guns will accommodate glue sticks of any length. Hot melt and low temperature glue sticks are available for the different types of glue gun. Hot melt adhesives do not contain any solvents or water. They set when they drop in temperature and this means that they can set quickly.

For industrial needs, different types of glue sticks are available for specialist uses. The commonest diameters are 12 and 43mm. For domestic use, there are only a few types of glue sticks that are available. Glue sticks have different open times, which is the duration needed to form a bond. This varies from a couple of seconds to a few minutes.

Glue guns should be turned on several minutes before they are used so that the heating element and adhesive can warm up. As the glue stick gets hot it melts and then it can be used to bond different materials together. Care should be taken when using hot glue guns as hot glue can be hazardous.

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