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Why Service your gas Boiler

First and Foremost, Safety.

All Gas burning appliances will produce Carbon Monoxideto some extent.

Levels of this highly poisonous gas are usually measured in parts per million, and a clean burning boiler will usually produce levels from 30 – 100 PPm.

A boiler which needs serviced, will produce levels appraoching thousands of parts per million.

Secondly, Efficiency

Having your boiler serviced, will keep the appliance at it’s best efficiency levels.

All the dust particles, bits of dead flys and spiders etc, all accumulate in the combustion chamber and heat exchanger of the boiler, culminating in reduced efficiency. It is not unusual to find, that an unserviced boiler burns so much more gas, that it is actually cheaper to pay an engineer to service the boiler, than pay for the additional gas it would burn if left unserviced.

Thirdly, Reliability

An annual service for your gas heating boiler, rather like a service for your car, could identify Potential problems within, these can be dealt with timeously. Thus preventing an expensive breakdown during those cold winter days. Which is when many people will experience their boiler breaking down.

Gas Engineers will have so much work on, that you will have to wait a few days without heating or hot water. A boiler service during the summer months could prevent all that hassle.

Knowing that you have had your boiler checked will give you peace of mind as well.

Remember,only to use Gas Safe Engineers to do the work.

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