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Why do you need a Guitar Tricks Membership?

Since 1998, Guitar Tricks has totally revolutionized the way guitar is learnt online. Guitar Tricks has more than 45 professional guitar instructors teaching at their website and offers a massive library of over 3,000 guitar video lessons.

What we really love about GuitarTricks Online Guitar Video Lessons is that they offer in-depth courses that take you through the fundamentals of playing the guitar (for beginners). This is followed by a seamless transfer into courses that allow you to pick and learn guitar styles of your own preference (for intermediates): acoustic, classical, folk, metal, rock and many more…..

Getting started learning guitar can be frustrating – real frustrating. At Guitar Tricks we have been teaching guitar online for 10 years. So we know what works…and what doesn’t. Our third generation course – Guitar Fundamentals – will teach you everything you need to know from the ground up. This program has been rigorously tested by thousands of guitarists to be easy, step-by-step and most of all – complete.

Our 24 free lessons are a small sample of what is available to Full Access Subscribers. Sign up and try our free lessons. Please be our guest! Once you have sampled the free lessons, we think you will want to push beyond the sample lessons and begin targeting your own interests with the huge variety of resources found in a Full Access Subscription.

Finally, your personal guitar tech, Steve White, guitar technician to the stars, is on call to answer your guitar care and maintenance questions. Fret buzz? Intonation problems? Don’t touch that truss rod, ask Steve first. This feature is exclusive to Guitar Tricks Full Access Subscribers.

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