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In Business You Must Be The Tortoise!

Many conversations in the last couple of months lead to people asking me how they can create a full time income.

Something you must understand is that these people not only want to make money today, they want to make a full-time income instantly… they desire $5000/month right now! Some even want $100,000/year right now! They are discusted with systems that do not yield immediate results, they want it right now.

Wow, the one method I know of to do this is to win the lottery! I guess if you have a rich family member, that is another way. Now, for the rest of us, can we please move back into the real world for just a few minutes?

I know times are tough right now. I know that people are nervous, are worrying about their jobs and their bills. This makes you restless desiring results, big results, immediately. Please try to take a step back and look at the bigger picture for a few minutes.

When  starting a home business, a legitimate business, it is not going to bring in an immediate full-time income. You need to begin by completing some work, following. Get free home business tips and tricks on my blog: Moms Home Business

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