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The IncreasinglyClever World of Contact Centre Systems

Call Centers have become very commonplace internationally and many businesses outsource their operations to different countries in order to cut costs.  One significant problem with this process is Contact Centre Quality. It is no use outsourcing to reduce costs if in the process you give your customers to such poor service that they go to your competitors instead.

Bad service in contact centres is typcially a management or agent training issue but there are also some clever technologies available today, such as predictive dialers, that improve the maximum operational capacity of a call centre and thus free up financial resources to allow for top quality agent training.

Dialers use a combination of soft and hardware technology to anticipate agent availability so that the agents themselves are actively working at maximum capacity. After all, a contact centre agent occupying desk space but not actually talking to a customer is basically increasing overheads and not earning any revenue.

As with any complex environment with many parallel independent components, economies of scale are available, especially if the utilisation rate of each individual – agents – are not inter dependent. Real time, dynamic analysis of agent call behaviors, agent availability together with calling procedures can often show up additional capacity in existing solutions. In the Contact Center environment, predictive dialers can deliver generous cost savings without costing a fortune to introduce.

Outbound dialers not only schedule calls & allocate them to available agents, they also do this in a way that successfully balances the highest possible utilisation of agents with the lowest levels of silent calls in order to comply with individual country’s legislations.

Technology is getting smarter

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