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Why To Visit The Optometrist Office

Sometimes wearing a new pair of glasses is a fashion statement. Glasses and frames have become very popular in the styles that are available. The best place to buy them is at the optometrist’s office. They have such large selections with good prices, and they are usually found in the vicinity of a mall.

As noted above, glasses can be found in huge selections at the optometrist’s office. There is a difference between optometrists and eye doctors. Eye doctors called ophthalmologists can see patients to give them new prescription wear as well, but they also have a large responsibility in seeing patients who have other eye disorders. These may include cataracts, infections of the eye, or glaucoma.

Someone going to the optometrist usually has a pleasant experience. It can be fun to get a new pair of glasses or to get new contact lenses. Some people have heard about the new Lasik surgery to correct their vision. This would also be done at the ophthlamologist’s office.

Most visits to the optometrist are standard, and they do not vary much. Someone will take the person’s information. They may be a technician or assistant. They can do the eye test with the big chart, or they can test color vision. There is a simple test which helps the optometrist know it the patient has glaucoma. If the patient does, then they can refer the patient to an ophthalmologist for care. The conversation may then turn to whether they want glasses or contacts.

The next topic is contact lenses. There is also a wide selection of these such as colored contact lenses. They can be hard or soft contacts, and many people now wear disposable contacts for convenience.

Once the assistant has done all of the preliminary things, the optometrist is seen. People who go to the doctor to just get their vision checked may or may not need new glasses. If they do need glasses or a new prescription, the vision will be tested to get the right prescription. Usually the person may be with the optometrist for only 30 minutes or less.

If the patient does need new glasses then they can choose their new lenses. If they want complete new frames, they can make that choice. People with contacts can obtain those as well with advice from the optometrist and technicians. They may be told how to care for their contacts, and they may be helped on how to put in the contacts if this is a new experience for them. If the optometrist has their prescription readily available, they can go home the same day. If not then they may need to order the prescription.

Going to an optometrist is somewhat like shopping for clothes. It is going in and picking the new frames and glasses then fitting them correctly. They provide a huge selection, and they have their policy to make the glasses in quick turnaround times for better service. They offer good eye exams and great selection on eyewear.


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