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Picking the Right Car Service When Traveling

Traveling could be a really relaxing or a Stressful experience. Its a good way to get out from all the hassles of life and enjoy the beautiful places and cultures even when traveling for business. To make it an enjoyable and a fun experience its always wise to plan ahead for the obstacles that could come your way and make it living hell. One of the biggest problems that could come are from your transportation. A delayed or canceled flight, a late taxi, horrible and obnoxious drivers, lost baggage etc.

  Here I’ll tell you about picking the right ground transportation company to make your traveling experience a little more enjoyable. The first thing I would recommend is to go through and look at their website. It doesn’t have to be prettiest or best looking. Look to see if they have any testimonials or reviews. A good place to do that is Google maps. Don’t let the price be your main factor in picking a company, remember you get what you pay for. A lot of companies will give you ridiculously low prices and with that comes bad service, rude drivers, rude dispatchers and so on…If the company doesn’t answer your call, leave a message because a lot of times they could be on another line with a customer.

  After you think you see a prospecting company, call the number they provide you with and get a quote, even though most of them will have exact pricing online, you should still call them and see who are the people behind the pages are. Things to look for are, friendly and knowledgeable people. If you get a rude dispatch just think of who your driver is going to be. A lot of times unexpected things could happen and the dispatch is the person you are going to have to call to resolve those, In a already stressful moments the last thing you need is to have a rude person yelling at you over the phone.

  Reserve you transportation ahead of time. I can’t stress this enough. Even the best companies could be late because there are so many things that could happen on the road to delay them. If you need to leave at a certain time just reserve your ride to be there fifteen minutes earlier. I have seen people make reservation that left them 15 minutes to get through Airport security and on the plane, and what do you think? They blamed the taxi for not getting them there on time. Once you make a reservation, request to get a confirmation number, make sure they have your correct contact number and that you have theirs. If you decide to cancel or your plans change call the company and cancel the reservation because a lot of companies require you to provide your credit card just in case there is a NO-SHOW. If you fail to notify them, they will charge your credit card for the full price.

  I’ll tell you a little secret on getting good luxury transportation for the price of regular, old dirty cab. Look for “for-hire” companies. Those are flat rate by reservation only companies. The thing is that most of those companies are smaller then the city cabs, and thus they are able to provide nicer more luxurious vehicles and more personalized service for the price of a regular cab. With for-hire companies you pay for the car and not how many people are traveling with you or how much time you drive with them, That way you don’t have to worry that the driver is taking an advantage of you by taking the longest routes possible just to make an extra buck.

  Follow these tips and your trip should be much more enjoyable. Remember, Read the reviews, Call them, Make a reservation ahead of time, look for “for-hire” flat rate companies and have a way of them reaching you. Good Luck and Have fun on your trip!

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