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Best Muscle Building Programs You Can Use Today

Personally there is something about excercising that is motivating to me – mentally, physically and to some extent, emotionally as well. Physical regimens, especially intensive weight training programs, push your body to its highest capacity; beyond what you before thought you couldn’t endure. In every exercise, you have to concentrate that you are executing it with the correct positions without compromising weight load and repetitions required. And do not overlook seeing the results – it’s the icing on the low calorie chocolate fitness muffin, so to speak. It’s the best part.

So now that we have been prepped and ready for action, let us make a quality survey on the best muscle building workouts that will give you your most amazing body as soon as possible. There are two fundamental weight training practices being used today: the high intensity training and periodization.

High intensity training to put it simply, is hitting your workout sessions strong and always to the limit. You go to the sports club an average of twice or thrice a week spending an hour to an hour and a half on short but very intense training modules. As your muscle and stamina inevitably develops, you will be expected to increase the weight load or repetitions in every set. In employing this particular training, your body gets used to wield the required intensity you want from it to perform according to your standards. You will see results much faster and your body is pushed to the limit.

Periodization programs give your body more time to familiarize itself and grow into the physical strain you are imposing on it. In this particular school of weight training there is light training for three weeks, proceeded by another few weeks of medium training and concluding with heavy training. Your aim is to not over train the muscle groups in the body; instead you are gradually building up your strength and muscle mass over time. The phases in this workout ensure that your body will not grow stagnant by lingering on one level for long periods.

Both schools of thought have its good and bad points; the most effective approach is to integrate what will work specific to your own body. Many people find that a three to four day split exercises of low volume but high intensity training is the best muscle building strategy for them. Remember to change up the exercises and weights every two weeks or so for maximum efficacy.

Use these exercises to help you get started in your fitness goals.

Legs: squats, presses, lunges, and curls

Arms: barbell/dumbbell curls, triceps extensions, barbell wrist curls

Chest: bench press (flat, inclined and declined), dumbbell flyes

Shoulders: shoulder press, military press

Back: shrugs, deadlifts, seated rows, rope pull downs, hyperextensions

Stomach: crunches, leg raises

The most effective weight training programs are those that may be challenging but push your body to step up and go the distance in its fitness endurance goals. Whatever your motivation is – good health, appearance or for strength; keep on pushing yourself and you will discover personal satisfaction with a job well done.

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