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Purchasing Kauai Real Estate – Your Own Heaven on Earth

For anyone looking at buying property in Hawaii, especially on the island of Kauai, there are numerous areas that hold wonders many tourists never take the time to see. So, to help you in finding outstanding Kauai real estate, here are six locations in Kauai that you have to see to believe:

The Alakai Wilderness Preserve: This is a beautiful area of Kauai that is also known by the locals as Alaka’i swamp. While it’s not a real swamp, it is more of a preserve consisting of natural bogs found here. Alaka’i is near Mount Wai’ale’ale, one Earth’s wettest areas, which is shrouded in fog most of the time. The Alakai Wilderness Preserve is a great place for a hike at any time of the day.

Hanalei Bay: The largest bay on Kauai’s North Shore where you’ll find over two miles of beautiful beach back dropped by lush, green mountains and waterfalls. For those who love a wonderful small town with beautiful scenery you will want to visit the town of Hanalei, which sits mid-point of the bay. You will find some breathtaking real estate both in the town area as well as on the bay itself.

Ke’e Beach: This is the ideal area for a vacation home. It offers some the best unspoiled real estate on the island, and if you have children and love swimming and snorkeling, then this is about the best Kauai real estate you could purchase. The water is clear and quiet, with few currents and next to no waves. The climate is fabulous here on the Na Pali coastline, and you couldn’t ask for more if you want solitude and peace away from the city. There is some great land around here to buy for a fabulous vacation home.

Limahuli Garden and Preserve: Who doesn’t love a beautiful, breathtaking hike through one of the most beautiful natural gardens in the United States? This preserve won both “The Best Natural Botanical Garden” in the United States and the top award from the HTA (Hawaii Tourism Authority). There is so much natural beauty here and it is easy to find a beautiful piece of Kauai real estate close by to enjoy it even more.

Wailua River State Park: This park is home to some of the most gorgeous scenery to be found on Kauai and to great outdoor sports such as kayaking and canoeing. You will find magnificent views here such as the 150-foot Opaeka’a Falls, a breathtaking waterfall you simply have to see to believe. There are a couple of residential neighborhoods surrounding the park from which to enjoy the area’s natural beauty and river activities.

Waimea Canyon State Park: Have you ever wished you could own real estate on the Galapagos Islands? Or perhaps around the Grand Canyon? Wouldn’t that be a thing to have? Yet if you purchase some Kauai Real Estate you have the next best thing – or even better. The Waimea Canyon was likened to the Grand Canyon by Mark Twain, only the Kauai version isn’t as deep. It is, however ‘Grander’. It has a volcano smack bang in the middle of it, and is more awe-inspiring. It is filled with trees, and deserving its comparison with the Galapagos, contains flowers and rare bird species found only on Kauai. It might also contain unique animals and insects, only they haven’t been discovered yet. Perhaps you could discover them and even put your name to them if you had some real estate here.

And there you have it, six wonderful reasons to own Kauai real estate simply for the beauty that surrounds it. There are many fine homes and properties located in other Kauai towns and beaches, which you’ll certainly want to review. However it’s pretty hard to beat the natural beauty found in the areas we’ve outlined.

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