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San Jose Immigration Lawyers are facing heavy caseloads

My expertise is computers and networks, not law. But I had been called in to work on a network at a local immigration attorney’s office, and I found a busy office right in the middle of a recession of historic proportion. I’m glad they are busy; otherwise they might not have needed my help.

It’s just a regular Monday morning at the office of an immigration attorney in San Jose, CA. The phone rings, and I hear the secretary apologize that the next available appointment isn’t for nearly a week. She basically has to say the same thing over and over in different ways, likely because that isn’t the answer the desperate person on the line wanted to hear. Unfortunately, people don’t usually get around to calling an attorney until they are running out of options. They need help now.

San Jose, California is at the heart of the “immigration law” market, not only because it is near the agricultural areas of Salinas and Gilroy, but because it the “capital” of Silicon Valley. During Silicon Valley’s prosperous times, high tech businesses brought in engineers from overseas. These immigrants, here on work visas, are now finding themselves out of work and subject to deportation. I did find it a little odd that one of these out of work immigrants could still afford to send both his children to a Bay Area private school.

Immigration lawyers are now being sought to help these people stay. That’s the business cycle for you. Whenever one industry is going bust, another may be booming. You just have to be in the right place at the right time.

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