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Norelco Electric Razors Publicized as the Greatest

Seeing television advertisements for electric shavers is like watching a whodunit film. You never know what the hottest and best feature is going to be. The Braun promotion claims that their make has the greatest feature of turning heads that will conform to even the bumpiest of faces. It will glide over your face and cut every hair close because of the rotating blades. Get more information at our electric razor reviews web site.

Another product will claim their shaver will cut closer than any other shaver because it has six blades that will elevate the beard higher and cut more of the beard than any other brand. I get tickled because I wonder how high a beard can be lifted before the skin is cut along with the beard. I can just see the ad where the chap shaving comes away with such a clean-cut beard that he doesn’t have a face anymore.

I also get a kick out of those who advertise that their shaver is convenient and watertight. They show a man driving his car and shaving while he gazes into the rear view mirror. I ponder, about him seeing an on-coming car. Then of course, you have the man in the shower happily singing while his sleek new shaver is cutting his beard. I often speculate if there is ever a short in the contraption. Does the man get a shock when the water hits his face.

One market the advertisers seem to forget is the women’s market. I have seen very few commercials that mention shavers for ladies to use. This is a large market that is not being drawn on by the major brands. My wife loves her new Norelco electric shaver because it does a great job of removing her hair without cutting herself.

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