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teeth whitening?

does anyone know any easy, fast tips to whiten your teeth at home?

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14 Responses to “teeth whitening?”

  1. hilllbillly_gal Says:

    Crest whitening strips

  2. crest whitening strips

  3. Acrylic white paint is the only solution.

  4. They are correct. crest whitening strips will do

  5. again…crest whitening strips

  6. xxxxxracheyxxxxx Says:

    You can get a bleach tray and bleach from the dentist. You wear it while you sleep so you dont have to deal with the whitestrips 30 minutes a day. It may be more expensive but only takes a couple nights and lasts longer.

  7. I just heard a dentist on a talk show a couple of days ago talking about this. His comment was that the home-whitening strips work okay, but they are a bit harder to control and don’t work as well as going into a dentist’s office for the procedure. The difference is the bleach tends to hurt the gums if you get it on them (and people usually do). In the dental office, they control everything and are very careful He claims you can get ten shades lighter in an office, versus 5 shades lighter by doing it at home. After having them do it, you can maintain it at home with the strips once a month or so. If you have any plastic fillings on your front teeth, they will not whiten as much as the real tooth enamel, and you may have to have them replaced for a perfect match.

  8. crest white strips they are the best but also use rembrant toothpaste for max. whitening

  9. perfectasianguy Says:

    crest whitening strips are amazing, BUT you are going to have to deal with IMMENSE teeth sensitivity while using them. In addition, they only really whiten the front teeth as the strip doesn’t reach your other teeth in the back. Unfortunately, your amazingly white front teeth will make your “yellow” teeth in the back appear even more “yellow”. having said that, to answer your question, i’d have to say crest whitening strips if you don’t want to spend the big bucks to get it done by a pro.

  10. feathereafter Says:

    I heard this one on the radio…
    make a paste with one strawberry and 1/2 tsp of baking soda or powder(I can’t remember which) leave it on for five minutes.

  11. those white light things they word pretty well

  12. edward becker 1978 Says:

    I am sorry i wish i could help you and good luck i hope your dad will spend more time with you

  13. Rinse mouth with peroxide after brushing teeth

  14. baking soda and peroxide works great

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