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Some good teeth whitening home remedies that work fast?

I have recently found that i cannot use the normal mouthwash and the type that says whitening anywhere on it because an ingredient in it causes my throat to swell. So i was wondering if there are any teeth whitening remedies that i can use or homemade mouthwash seeing as i cant use the storebrands. Please no rude comments, and yes i do brush my teeth 3 times a day 5 min each.

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4 Responses to “Some good teeth whitening home remedies that work fast?”
  1. okay first you need to get tooth paste (im sure you have some)
    get baking soda ( ask your parents)

    mix the soda(baking soda) into the paste (tooth paste)
    after a couple brushes you can see that you teeth is whiter.
    and you can barley taste the baking soda in the paste.

    make sure you rinse out just like what you would do when you brush your teeth.

  2. Jenessa, baking soda is good and cheap, but don’t use it very often.
    Just use it with consciousness. Twice a week is enough – this is abrasive!

  3. you can find good homemade teeth whitening ways here:

  4. I would personally suggest NuvoraWhite, which has helped me a lot. What is notable about this product is that it doesn’t have any side effects.

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