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Little Shop of Horrors – Dentist Song

This is a clip from the movie. Steve Martin is hillarious. I create these for my iPod for when I need a good laugh.

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21 Responses to “Little Shop of Horrors – Dentist Song”

  1. JerryBarryLover Says:

    i love steve martin in parenthood too

  2. Emily4leafclover609 Says:

    lol we did this at my high school lol no offense but our kid did pretty good at the end

  3. omg…
    i will never go to a dentist again!!! xD

  4. StartbahnWest Says:

    Yep, George Orwell.


  5. flippysshotgun666 Says:

    your toot? LOL

  6. ive just had my toot hextracted and this has really cheered me up

  7. steve martin? steve martin?! LOL!

  8. misstwinkletoes9600 Says:

    i am watching this song on my tv as we speak 😉 its great!!:D

  9. mogwaiijsbeer Says:

    great movie

  10. jackw00pw00p Says:

    my college is doing this lol

  11. mrpommeduterretete Says:

    Try telling that to the Pope. Try telling that to George W Bush. I was quoting Frank Drebin. God bless you my athiest friend.

  12. mine too lol

  13. humans r animals

  14. Id finda poosey cat n bash his hed…That boi a damn fooo 4 stealin on his assistant when he got through tha door…

  15. mrpommeduterretete Says:

    I know someone who needs a filling. That K9 is loose, hold on, I got an angle on it… A precursor for things to come (I am not an animal, I’m a human being!!!).

  16. holy heart?

  17. my schools doing this play ha

  18. My favorite show growing up, love it. Steve Martin is one of the greats!!!!!

  19. JerryBarryLover Says:

    it ended at the funniest part!!!

  20. funnymonkey566 Says:

    xD Omg!!!
    I nearly died laughing

  21. DeadPixieDust Says:

    He had full grey hair then too. It’s hair dye here. He got grey hair early, even in the 70’s. It happens to some people.

    I felt really nostalgic for this scene. Glad I found it. It is a classic.

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