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Dentists Greece: Mr Bean goes to the dentist

www.dentists.gr Mr Bean visits his dentist Find a dentist in Greece… (more) Added: December 28, 2007 Find a dentist in Greece and all the information you need on dentistry. Dentists.gr helps you to find a good cosmetic dentist in Greece for European cosmetic holiday, European greek dental holiday in Greece. There is also information on all the new procedures in dentistry to keep you as best informed as possible about dental veneers, crowns, implants, white fillings, root canal, cosmetic …

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20 Responses to “Dentists Greece: Mr Bean goes to the dentist”

  1. Harry13ification Says:

    Greek Dentist??

  2. evaTaharuddin44416 Says:

    W W W . 50U . ORG Downloading in different formats


  4. STFU hate ur mom instead.

  5. this is not funny i hate him

  6. I feel hurt when he does that …llol

  7. now every time i go to dentists i remember my self mr bean and tell the dentist if they know him and about how he did his operation and perhaps if i should do also, but ofcourse iam kidding !

  8. i love this man

  9. Omg! Mr. Bean murdered the dentist!

  10. Thats I call Dentist :D:D:D Cool :D:D:D:D

  11. I LOVE Mr. Bean.

  12. The chair music is a spoof to 2001 Space Odissey.

  13. not that funny

  14. 5:15 epic!!

  15. XD omg he is!!!

  16. he’s doin the stanky leg at 3:16 to 3:20

  17. streetdawg811 Says:

    lol 3:03 – 3:24 the funniest

  18. this is a ok video of mr. bean but the one where mr.bean goes swimming is funnier

  19. Looks like an old Harvey Korman and Tim Conway skit from the Carol Burnett show.

  20. darkpassionplay2007 Says:

    1.52 – 1.56 – the funniest part :)))))

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