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Fred Goes to the Dentist

**SEASON 1 FRED shirts! Now at HOT TOPIC!!** (1.5) Fred goes to the dentist for the very first time! IT’S HACKIN HERE!! FredFigglehorn.com !! http

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25 Responses to “Fred Goes to the Dentist”

  1. 03volleyballbabe03 Says:

    omg stop at 0:08 freakin hillarious!!!

  2. amazing Fred Goes to the Dentist

  3. uh fred dont sing but funny video. 😀

  4. fred or nigahiga?


  6. OK i know u girls like FRED and i respect that , i think hes funny but i just cant stand when those stupid fans says “ Hes better than you , OMG U ARE JEALOUS , LEAVE HIM ALONE HES 10X BIGGER AND CUTE THAN ALL OF YOU ´´

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  9. mckenzieandmegan99 Says:

    if u dont like fred dont watch it u morons.stop beakin him he is famous.

  10. This dude is sooooo funny
    love u Fred

  11. LolifiedByMe Says:

    I used to like Fred but now I know better. My friend who’s with me now seems to like him though =P

  12. jellydonut97 Says:

    if u dont like fred then dont watch him.

  13. Cascada86625 Says:

    i bet its ten times bigger than urs! srry i just really dont like haters.

  14. pinkxundefeated Says:

    This video makes me laughh. It’s kind of stupid but funny


  16. SpiderPig545 Says:

    wow…what the….Fuck…

  17. diva1love2fo3eva4 Says:

    i love it when he scream’s, and cries, so funny, good singer 2

  18. that tooth brush looks like mine lol

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  21. SuperChase101 Says:

    Hey guys. I’m only 10 subs away from winning a $100 bet. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

  22. are his nails painted??? 0:42

  23. this faggot has a very small penis

  24. veggietalesfan65 Says:

    wow fred has a lot of haters out there……

  25. LOL come check out my vids please :) sry if you think this is spam

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