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Dentist Sketch – The Carol Burnett Show

Hilarious Sketch from The Carol Burnett Show with harvey Korman and Tim Conway

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25 Responses to “Dentist Sketch – The Carol Burnett Show”

  1. mariebernard60 Says:

    there is a similarity with the comedy skit of Mr. Bean

  2. Tim Conway FTW

  3. Tim could break up Harvey in a sec.
    These two were one of the best comedy duo’s that ever took to the stage!!
    Tim could make these lil skits into something special to remember!

  4. RIP Harvey. I do not think that there will ever be comedians that are in the class that these people are.
    The comedeic timing here is perfect. We could use a show like this today,

  5. annalisazamora Says:

    Hahahahaha. Harvey was always the softy when it came to not laughing… I don’t blame him though-the best variety show ever!!!

  6. Seriously one of TVs greatest comedy teams.

  7. just genius that Tim Conway is… his son Tim Conway jr is a VERY funny guy as well on the radio

  8. Poor Harvey!!!!!!!!!

  9. Aw I remember watching this as a kid, you could tell they had the times of their lives, its such a shame Harvey died he was always the greatest straight man to Tim but he really shown on his on with the Mel Brooks films

  10. I had dental surgery this past weekend and as the novacaine was working, I was thinking of this skit and began laughing uncontrollably. The nurse came in to see if I was alright, and was afraid that the novacaine may have gotten into an artery and into my brain.

  11. Dreamplaylaugh Says:

    This is hilarious. I didn’t get to see this show much when I was a kid because I was too young. I remember sneaking downstairs with my brother to watch Benny Hill. These are great and I’m glad I get to see it. I’m going to do a show like this.

  12. HappyChristian101 Says:

    I hope someone can help me with a movie title. In the mid 1970’s I saw a movie with Tim Conway where he had to wear a pair of roller skates for an extended period of time. He got called to be a pall bearer at a funeral & wore those skates at the funeral. One of the funniest things I ever saw. Would someone know the name of this movie?

  13. Why can’t people do things like this anymore? Comedy is never the same anymore.
    Once again- a true classic

  14. i’m playing the patient but atthe beginning doing the dentist monologue from the bill cosby show. WITH SOUND EFFECTS!!!!

  15. ConnyBrown1962 Says:

    I love this one

  16. I remember seeing this skit when I was a child, funny then, funny now. The thing that I enjoy most is the joy that these people have working with each other. They are really fans of each other. Therefore the Majic. That s for posting.

  17. I just watched a new video of Cat Williams and asked myself “How can they sell that crap?” Why can’t they do it like these guys did? My only answer is lack of talent on the new comedians part!

  18. Tim Conway said he would read the scripts and knew how to break Harvey Korman up, they taped it live and aired it. There are many times you will see them break character and laugh, and that was the way they wanted it

  19. You see Harvey begin to break character at 0:25 … Classic.

  20. one of the funniest sketches around. i love how he broke up it made it even funnier

  21. An absolute classic!!!

    It is hallarious everytime I watch it!!

  22. de guy on de chair is laughing thats a blooper!

  23. as the cast said they new harvey would bust up, they just put bets down as to when……he looks like he wants to chew off his lower lip at some point….

  24. PrsFenderJackson1980 Says:

    I think Korman is crying halfway thru. Can’t blame him. Damn funny

  25. First time I ever seen this sketch, absolutely brilliant.

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