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Best toothbrush to help slow down periodontal disease?

I have periodontal disease. I may buy a new toothbrush and I am wondering what kind would be best to help slow down the progression of periodontal disease.


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2 Responses to “Best toothbrush to help slow down periodontal disease?”

  1. Dr.Lucy, DDS (dentist) Says:

    Any electric toothbrush that has an oscillating ( turns back and forth) head. Oral-B makes good electric brushes.

  2. Your best solution is a electric tooth brush. It doesn’t matter which kind as long as it is a rechargeable one. We recommend this to everyone of our patients. The one I like is Sonic, this is because the Oral B feels like you have a jackhammer in your mouth. The Oral B at first tickles a little, but I would take that any day over the Oral B.

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