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What has been your experience with periodontal disease and deep cleaning therapy?

I just recently found out I have periodontal disease. Soon I will be having the scaling and planing done. I have to admit I am a bit nervous about the procedure. But also nervous about how to take care of my teeth properly once it is done.

Please share your experiences with me. Or if you are a dental professional I would love to hear your advice.


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2 Responses to “What has been your experience with periodontal disease and deep cleaning therapy?”
  1. I had Gingivitus that resulted in bone loss, loose teeth and finally extractions. Deep cleaning below the gum line is uncomfortable but very effective. It is ESSENTIAL that whilst you have periodontal disease you brush three times daily to ‘disrupt’ the bacteria. Mouthwash helps but scrupulous oral hygiene is best including flossing or interdental tooth brushes. I also bought an expensive electric toothbrush and have been free of Gingivitus for years now. Gum disease is not pleasant but you can help yourself get rid of it and hopefully save your teeth.

  2. Scaling and root planing can be an uncomfortable procedure. You will be anesthetised for the procedure since the hygienist will be scaling your teeth below the gum line. I’ve had it done and I’m also in the dental field. What you can expect is to be a little tender and possibly sore in the area afterwards for maybe a day at most. I’m sure you’re hygienist or doctor explained to you why you were diagnosed with periodontal disease. It is not as uncommon as you think it is.
    After you’ve completed the treatment, you will have to be diligent with your home care. That means brushing and flossing twice daily. I’ve found that using an electric toothbrush has helped me with effectively brushing my teeth. You should ask your hygienist which brand would benefit you. Your hygienist will also recommend that you been seen for periodontal maintenance cleanings every 3-4 months. Please keep up with those as they are just as important as your home care.
    You can find more information about periodontal disease at
    Hope this helps…

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