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Is it possible for periodontal disease to spread from a tooth to another? What causes plague to form on tooth?

My son brushes his teeth regularly, twice a day. Last December, his dentist told him that he has periodontal disease in his gum.
This may be due to his oral hygience as he was unprepared for his cleaning kit when he was asked to work till the next day. It was about 10 months ago and is it too late to undergo treatment?? Can periodontal disease spread from a tooth to another? It was so unfortunate for him to have caught the disease, and what causes plague to form on the tooth/gum?? How to prevent it??

Can anyone please kindly advise as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

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3 Responses to “Is it possible for periodontal disease to spread from a tooth to another? What causes plague to form on tooth?”
  1. EVERYONE has it in varies levels of severity. It’s caused by bacteria. You have to treat it lifelong.

  2. Peridontal disease can spread through the entire gum area but it is treatable amd reversible. It is not something one “catches” but rather developes.
    He may be brushing his teeth regularly but obviously not properly. Also, something that’s most important in preventing gum problems is flossing.
    Your son needs to go to a dental hygienist at least every six months for a thorough cleaning. The hygienist can also instruct him on the proper care of his teeth; type of toothbrush, correct way to brush, type of toothpaste, mouth wash, etc.

  3. Once a diagnosis of perio disease has been made, professional treatment is of the greatest demand to save the teeth and bone structure from this diseases devastating demise. Every tooth is subjected to damage from this “active infection” and the bone loss associated with this disease as well as the whole body. The same plaque found in perio disease has been found to be associated with heart attacks.

    Brushing your teeth twice a day is good, but it isn’t the solution to the problem. A person can brush ten times a day, but if it’s not done “correctly” and thoroughly then it’s just not going to do any good. Your son needs to spend at least “2-3 minutes brushing” with a “soft toothbrush,” brushing each tooth about “20 strokes” not just the front ones. Also “flossing” is of the utmost importance because it removes the plaque caused from bacteria found in the mouth, under the gums that brushing can’t reach.

    A diagnosis of perio disease means that he has developed pockets in the gum of some areas that surround his teeth. These pockets can range in depth, but all are “too deep” for him to be able to clean. We consider anything deeper than 3-4mm as too deep for a tooth brush or floss to reach to clean. He will need to have root planing done which removes all the debris from the pockets and along the roots of the teeth in question. This allows for some shrinkage of the tissue which decreases the pocket depth and possible reattachment of tissue with hopes that proper techniques in brushing, flossing, along with continued professional care and his excellent home care will help to eliminate the disease from progressing.

    It is unfortunate that he has “developed perio disease,” but he didn’t “catch it.” It progresses over time, usually from inadequate brushing and flossing techniques and lack of professional dental care. Although there is some research that links its cause to hereditary or genetics. The best treatment your son can follow is his dentist advice and see a periodontist for follow up cleanings every 3-4 months, they will alternate with his dental appointments. This may seem like a lot at first but will lessen with time, it’s to keep a close watch on the pockets depth and to eliminate the progression of this disease by maintaining and monitoring your son’s dental health. Perio disease can be devastating by destroying the surrounding tissue and bone structures that support the teeth, which left untreated will eventually lead to the loss of teeth. I hope you will encourage your son to continue with treatment to maintain his natural teeth and halt this disease. It can be stopped with proper treatment, your son isn’t alone with this disease. Good luck and I hope that I’ve given you enough insight to help you to understand this disease, how to correct it with his dentist and periodontist help and the causes of it so your son can change those habits to better his dental health.

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