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What methods are effective against preventing periodontal disease in cats?

I’m doing a science fair on which method of cleaning prevents periodontal disease the best.
Note: I’ve already got toothpaste, thanks.

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2 Responses to “What methods are effective against preventing periodontal disease in cats?”

  1. ♥Pretty♥ ♥Kitty♥ Says:

    Regular oral exams and teeth cleanings at the vet. Before you add feeding dry food to your report, read this article that tells why that’s a myth. Dry food doesn’t clean a cat’s teeth.

  2. Ever wonder why stray and feral cats don’t have periodontal disease while housecats do? That’s because those cats chew on raw bones. One of the best things for cleaning a cat’s teeth is to let them gnaw on raw bones such as chicken necks and wings (the soft bones will not hurt the cat and will be digested). Along this line, raw food helps, as tearing into muscle meat helps clean the fangs and middle teeth.

    Dry food or crunchy treats offer little to no help with periodontal disease in cats, although the theory of the “crunch” of the food is that it replaces a domesticated cat’s prey’s bones, and some dry-food manufacturers are adding ingredients that is supposed to help break down tartar. The theory with dry is good, but fails in practice. Cats don’t actually chew, but shear if they do anything, and only the molars benefit, not the all important fangs. Additionally, dry food can quickly collect bacteria which can be damaging to dental health.

    Periodontal health is also a function of genetics, nutrition while in vitro, as well as nutrition during the first few weeks of life, so good dental health starts with the health of the mama.

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