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How much should it cost for planing & scaling if I were diagnosed with periodontal disease?

Most of the pockets were 5 to 6 milliliters, and I will need planing and scaling on all teeth according to the dentist.. The dentist quoted me $2800.00 for the service, which includes the follow up visit, sonicare tooth brush, and other incidentals that I would use to maintain my teeth after the process is complete. That seems really, really high to me. Are there any less expensinve alternative treatments I can try first that may also prove effective? I’ve heard that regular flossing, rinsing with hydrogen peroxide , and regular brushing can also stop the progression of periodontal disease. I am also interested to here of any other over the counter products that can be used to slow or stop the progression of periodontal disease. I am a male, 42 years of age, and in otherwise excellent physical condition. Any informaiton you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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5 Responses to “How much should it cost for planing & scaling if I were diagnosed with periodontal disease?”
  1. Sounds rather reasonable to me seeing as complex and lengthy of a procedure that it is and that he is including followup etc. And no there is no other way to treat the periodontal disease, those things do prevent progression but will do nothing to help with the pockets you already have, you should get the procedure done.

  2. Peridontal disease is not a good thing and yes it is expensive. Once you have this process done all you need to do is brush between meals and before going to bed and do a followup every 6 months. As far as all that stuff the doctor recommends which is not needed as long as you keep up with your teeth. So see if he can eliminate all that other stuff you don’t need and only include the scaling and periodontal service. I know, because I had that done years ago.

  3. $2800.00
    Where do you live?
    Youi must live in a high income area. .
    Cast ten lines like that and you only need one bite.
    I like your dentist.

    Koudos to him
    too bad for you if you are to proud to switch dentists

  4. This sounds like a reasonable price for all that. I live in eastern Kansas and we charge over $800 for just the scaling and root planing, $120 for the sonicare, and at least $100 for the follow up visits (which there are 2 or 3 of). Every office is different on what they charge. I know it sounds like a lot of money to invest in your teeth, but this will help keep your teeth around for a long time! Yes, regular flossing and brushing will help keep further tarter from building up, but nothing will help with the bone loss better than getting the SRP done. Hope this answers your questions. I suggest if you have further questions, you call the hygienist at the dental office. Good luck

  5. I just found out I have periodontal disease also. My periodontist is going to charge me about 130 each quadrant – so a little over 500 for the planning & scaling for all of my teeth. This doesn’t include the toothbrush, follow ups or anything else.

    I plan on getting a second opinion and would reccomend that you do also, but keep in mind that (according to my periodontist) dentistry is very subjective and you may get a completely different opinion from someone else.

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