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Dental question deep cleansing and root planning – for periodontal disease?

The dentist is saying that my boyfriend has periodontal disease. The first step is to come in for a deep cleansing which will be 120.00 per quadrant. She is then saying that the second step is to schedule the surgery. I have read some things on this board that just mention the cleansing not the surgery also. If he has the deep cleansing (which I am assuming right now if the deep scaling and root planning) why would he need to schedule the surgery as well. Wouldnt we have to see if the deep cleansing worked first?

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2 Responses to “Dental question deep cleansing and root planning – for periodontal disease?”

  1. be happier own a pitbull Says:

    Your dentist is seeing if the deep cleaning is going to work. If the pockets don’t go down and the gums heal up then they will do the surgery, which is making a little incision and literally cleaning the pockets out.

    Actually your deep cleaning what cheaper than mine, mine ran me 160.00 each time. To be honest it helped tremendously while I was have the cleaning done, but it did not take care of the problem and most of the time the cleaning helps only to a degree and surgery is required in most cases, because they can not get deep enough with the cleaning.

    I’m 34 and I have the bone loss of a 80 year old woman due to the periodontal disease, so your BF needs to be aggressive with the treatment. (just word of advise)

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