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Can you get braces if you have periodontal disease?

Ok I’m an idiot because I had braces for 4 yrs when I was in middle-high school and I quit wearing my retainers when I got out of the house and moved in with my boyfriend because I was embarrassed (I now know he wouldn’t have cared) but now I’m in between stages 2&3 of periodontal disease. Is it possible that no orthodontist will ever touch me again?

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4 Responses to “Can you get braces if you have periodontal disease?”

  1. swf_iso_swm_wnc Says:

    You need to see a Periodontist for treatment. I don’t think you are “doomed.” Most people can get their periodontal disease under control and begin healing enough to have orthodontic correction. I know you are aware of how important it is to keep your teeth brushed and flossed – now, and especially while you have braces. See the periodontist first, get treatment for periodontal disease, and Then, see the orthodontist. Best of luck~ Always consult your dentist for the best advice concerning your dental health.

  2. kool_dude_420 Says:

    First & foremost the question u shud be askin is? Why do I need Orthodontic treatment? Once u’ve answered that in u’r mind, then by lookin up a gud periodontist & undergoing the required treatment if the condition is really bad, U can go for Orthodontic treatment again. U must remember, a Dentist only does the curative part of the treatment, he/she can educate u on the importance of havin good oral hygiene & better dental health. Itz up2 u 2 take care & prevent further problems by heeding the Hygienists or Dentists advice on how 2 best maintain a good standard of Oral health. Hope I’ve been able 2 be of any help.

  3. perioligament Says:

    It is not just a question of getting your perio disease under control as someone else put it. It depends on this yes, but also how much bone you have lost. If you have lost a large amount of bone support, then braces are def. not a good idea. Your teeth are already susceptible to movement from lack of bone support, put braces on these vulnerable teeth and you might be doing more harm then good. Yes you may have straight teeth for a while, but at what cost? If you are moderate periodontal disease then I am sure you have lost some bone support. How much is only what your dentist can see on the x-ray. You had braces in high school in which the orthodontist moved your teeth, now you have periodontal disease In which you have lost more bone and ligament support, then say you get braces again after your perio therapy, that is a lot of movement through-out your life. If I were you I would research carefully all of the pros and cons of getting braces when you have periodontal disease. Think about how your teeth have shifted since high school. This is not just from not wearing your retainers, this happens with perio too. So if you go and have braces put on again, go through the expense, and guess what, your teeth have shifted again. What then? I would be very careful, like I said research, research, so you can make an informed decision, not a blind one. Good luck.

  4. the short answer is NO! orthodontics for cosmetic reasons should be your LAST priority. people tend to forget about periodontal disease because it is the silent killer in dentistry. patients really have no significant issues with eating/speaking/esthetics early in the disease process. this fact allows the disease to progress unchecked. eventually, the symptoms begin to worsen and the disease starts to affect quality of life.

    thinking about braces before treating your gum disease is a mistake. sure, perio treatments will be expensive and uncomfortable, but living without your teeth 20-30 years down the road will be the ultimate in misery.

    so, get your gums healthy and stable before seeking orthodontic treatment. any ethical ortho doc will not proceed with treatment if perio disease is evident.

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