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can periodontal disease spread or infect the tonsils?

I think i have strep throat due to periodontal disease but im not sure, all i know is my tonsils are kinda bumpy and i dont think thats normal… i know i have periodontal disease from my dentist who told me to get treatment for it but i shrugged him off, is it really effecting me that bad?

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2 Responses to “can periodontal disease spread or infect the tonsils?”
  1. I would say that it is possible but not sure . But periodontal disease can cause youu to have infections in your messentary wall. Which lines your intestines and can cause you to have stomach trouble also it can get serious at that point. its called messenteric lympopathy when it goes that far look it up. I would say call your dentist and take care of it now I let mine go to far. I have lymphomy and that can be caused from prolong infections in the body and I feel it has a connection. I might be wrong but I have been study up on it.

  2. Periodontal disease, if in the form of infection, can spread anywhere in your body and can actually spread quickly to your brain and kill you. That is why dentists urge treatment. Do yourself a favor and get treatment. You may live longer. Look it up on Wikipedia.

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