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Is Gum Recession always periodontal disease?

Is gum Recession always caused by periodontal disease, or could it be caused by something else? If it isnt periodontal disease, what could be causing it?

Could it be excessive flossing? If I stopped flossing, would the gum recession stop, or would it continue regardless of that?
If it is this MGD problem, would a periodontist/dentist refer me to someone else, or would I need to seek out a specialist myself?

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2 Responses to “Is Gum Recession always periodontal disease?”
  1. No it’s not always caused by periodontal disease. It could be caused by too aggressive brushing, or by using a toothbrush with too hard bristles. If it is one spot in particular that seems to be receding, it may be a mucogingival defect (MGD), caused by too much pull of adjacent tissues.
    Try to find a toothbrush with extra/ultra soft bristles, or one for sensitivity. Be sure to gently brush with more of a massaging motion as opposed to a scrubbing motion. If it is a MGD, there are surgical procedures available to help repair and stop the damage.

  2. It would not be caused by flossing. Usually, peridontal disease causes pockets around the teeth, so the gums do not recede, they inflame. If you have not been to a dentist for a while, it sounds like a good time to go. If you go to, you can have a dental plan for less than $20/month that will give you discounts of at least 25% on any dental procedure. The discount is available in all of USA, at a dental practice near you. At no extra cost, you will also receive chiropractic, vision and prescription discounts.

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