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What happens with periodontal disease? I mean i do now your gums get soft and you loose your teeth?

but is that it? I mean does the rest of my body get an infection of some sort? Do I get some horrible disease with no cure? I mean besides loosing my teeth.. what else happens to me? Do my gums go back to looking normal if I loose all my teeth? Meaning do they go back to pinkish from a bright red?

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3 Responses to “What happens with periodontal disease? I mean i do now your gums get soft and you loose your teeth?”
  1. Periodontal disease is now linked to other systemic diseases, such as heart disease and pre-term, low birth weight babies. I did a research paper on heart disease and perio in college. The infection in your gums is in your blood stream, which travels throughout your body. The inflammation will affect the plaque/fatty buildup in the arteries and that raises your risk for heart attack or stroke. Any inflammation in the body is bad news. Remember, your mouth is connected to your body; it is not a separate entity. With periodontal disease, yes you are losing bone levels and tissue around your teeth, resulting in tooth loss. If you are seeking treatment, see a periodontist. Keeping the natural teeth is so much better than replacements. Also, keep your mouth as clean as possible! Good luck.

  2. healthwise357 Says:

    if do not pay close attention to good oral hygiene then it can result to gum problems. make it a habit to carefully and properly brush and floss teeth every after meal. this can help remove plaque that sticks around teeth. and can fight bad bacteria that can cause oral infections.

    dental visits and dental cleanings are very helpful in taking care of the gums, teeth and oral health. an all natural oral care product can help keep gums and teeth healthy and promote fresh breath. visit for more tips on how to take care of the gums.

  3. Perio disease is linked to heart attacks, strokes and pre-term babies. Not to mention bad breath and teeth. I recommend you go to a periodontist that preforms LASER periodontal surgery. It is much more effective because it actually stimulates bone growth leaving you without “black triangles” between your teeth (using the old method this happens because they must cut your gums so low). Try looking on. They have a lot of info about it on their website. Hope this helps!! =)

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