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Moderate Periodontal disease, How and Why?

Dentist told me I have Moderate Periodontal Disease and some pockets of 5-6mm, yet I go every 6 months to dentist, also have never had bleeding gums I thought that was a sign?
Teeth seem to have slight movement sing I saw the hygienist why is this?

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4 Responses to “Moderate Periodontal disease, How and Why?”
  1. It can be hereditary.

  2. Do you smoke? If you do that could be the cause for the absence of bleeding. You could go to the dentist every day, but if your condition is not being treated properly it will stay as is or worsen. Based on your description sounds like you need periodontal surgery (not definitive), but you need to see a periodontist ASAP, you have to get x-rays taken, a new pocket measurement and dental hygiene pointers.

  3. A great site for research for dental is. It explains everything that occurs in the dental clinic in layman’s terms.

  4. do you floss? your gums may not bleed when you brush but when you floss they might or during the cleaning. the pockets happen when food and bacteria is allowed to remain under your gums. it eats away at the bone level and causes a pocket flossing is the only way to remove bacteria from under the gums everyday. smoking increases the inflammation and pockets so does diabetes. if you teeth are moving since you’ve seen the hygienist its probably because they were being held in by tarter that she removed from under your gums. don’t worry. do what the hygienist recommends and you’ll be keeping all of your teeth you cant reverse it but you can stop it from progressing

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