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July 2010 Newsletter

Your July 2010 Newsletter

Dear Reader,
Happy Independence Day!

Congratulations to Marc McNamara,
our July Royalty Referral Winner

"Here’s How Our Royalty Referral Program Works…"

Our intention is to treat our patients like Royalty and the basis of our Referral Program is that every patient who refers a friend, neighbor, family member or co-worker to our office will receive the following Referral Rewards:

1st Referral: A $25.00 Starbucks Gift Card
2nd Referral: A $50.00 Barnes & Noble Gift Card
3rd Referral: A $100.00 American Express Gift Card
4th Referral: A $150 American Express Gift Card
5th Referral: A $200 American Express Gift Card or Zoom Whitening ($395 value), your choice

In addition to receiving Referral Rewards, your name will be entered into our monthly drawing to receive a $100 Check to Majestic Dentistry, Plus our Semi-Annual Grand Prize drawing to receive the following GRAND PRIZE:

A $500.00 Check to Majestic Dentistry

Each referral gives you one entry into the monthly drawing and rolls over every month into the Grand Prize drawing. So, the more you refer, the better your chances are of winning. There is NO LIMIT on your number of entries. Congratulations again to Marc McNamara.

What People Are Saying About Us

Our Patient Showcase

Patient: Jolie Duggar

Anthem Resident, Surgeon and Dentist Help Jolie Smile Again

By: Karen Angelo

It shouldn’t hurt to smile, or eat, or talk, or kiss the ones you love. But for Anthem resident Jolie Dugger, it did. For years. Since her tooth enamel was weak, her teeth started to deteriorate. Then they just began to rot away and snap off. She would lose teeth daily. Estimates to repair the damage were in the thousands. Because her health insurance ran out, she couldn’t get the help she so desperately needed. Because money is tight, she couldn’t get the prescription medications she needed to ease the pain, so she bought what she could when she could over-the-counter to alleviate it, even if it was for just a little while.

Finally, Jolie’s 18-year-old daughter couldn’t take it anymore. She wrote a letter to the Arizona Republic, hoping someone, somewhere could help her mother feel better again. The Republic forwarded this letter to Freedom Way and a call went out to all the Anthem-based charities to see what, if anything, could be done to get Jolie the care and assistance she needed. Bob Andringa, Chair of Anthem Cares Through Service, was so touched by the story that he stepped in to see what he could do.

"I decided to explore pro bono help, encouraged by our experience with a dozen other Anthem business and professional people who stepped up the plate to meet others’ needs," Bob explained. "We discovered that Dr. Dorfman was the only oral surgeon in Anthem and that Dr. Wolf was known for his charitable work. Their offices are almost next to each other and both readily offered to help when asked."

This simple request, Jolie says, "helped save my life." She calls Andringa "Bob the Angel," because within days of Bob getting that letter from her daughter, Jolie was sitting in Dr. Frank Wolf’s chair at Majestic Dentistry in Anthem for an evaluation and exam.

"When I started in this profession, I made a commitment, and had a desire, to do philanthropic dentistry," Dr. Wolf stated. "When Bob called about Jolie, we were definitely interested to see what we could do to help her out."

During that initial exam, it was determined that all of her remaining teeth needed to be removed, that the gum and bone disease needed to be treated, and a full complement of teeth needed to be created to get Jolie back to her old self again. Dr. Wolf donated all of his services.

Jolie then went to see Dr. Brian Dorfman, DMD, MD, a Board Certified Dual Degree Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon at the Center for Oral and Facial Surgery at Anthem, who also offered to donate his services so Jolie would no longer suffer the excruciating pain she had been living with for six years. "When you see someone in your own community suffering the way Jolie was, I felt the care we could provide was totally warranted," he said. Dr. Dorfman removed 27 of Jolie’s teeth, trimmed the bones, removed infected tissue and reshaped her upper and lower jaw. When Jolie went back to see Dr. Dorfman for her post-op follow up, she said it was the first time she was able to smile in months.

Four weeks later, with her healing process complete, Jolie went back to Dr. Wolf to be fitted for her new teeth, which were also generously donated by someone who never met Jolie, but was also touched by her story: Leo Cavazos, a denture specialist with Absolute Dentures in Sun City. "It made me happy to make her happy," Leo said. "I want to help as many people as I can one smile at a time." Because of his donation, Jolie is now smiling all the time.

"Everyone has been so good to me and I am so grateful," Jolie said. She cried the first time she saw herself with her new teeth in Dr. Wolf’s office and her husband cried when she showed him her first real, big, beautiful smile in a long, long time.

All told, the work donated by Dr. Dorfman, Dr. Wolf and Leo Cavazos cost almost $13,000. Thanks to everyone’s thoughtfulness, generosity and sheer willingness to help someone in need, Jolie’s smile looks like a million bucks. "It feels better to smile," said Jolie. Truer words were never spoken.

Taken from FreedomWay – May 2010 edition available at www.OnlineAtAnthem.com

Hygiene Happenings

Val, Sherry, Paula – your fabulous hygienists

Top 5 Foods to Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath results from two key issues: oral hygiene and gastrointestinal health. Basically this means that breath odors originate not just inside the mouth but also from your digestive tract. The culprit in both cases is largely bacteria. If you have bad breath, you should first make sure you are eating right (getting a balanced diet of protein, carbs, lots of fruits and veggies and plenty of fluids to keep the GI tract healthy) and brushing and flossing after every meal. But that still doesn’t mean you might not be offending your friends and co-workers after lunch at the new Italian place. Here are some things you can ingest (or chew) that can help.

1.  Chew on this. Move over parsley, there are some new halitosis-fighting herbs in town. Coriander, spearmint, tarragon, eucalyptus, rosemary and cardamom are all good for fighting bad breath. You can chew on fresh herbs or make tonics by steeping them in hot water (as a tea). These herbs make an excellent digestive as well-doubling the benefits of ending a meal this way.
2.  Get some active culture. No, not Cirque du Soleil, but yogurt. A recent study found that a serving of yogurt each day reduces the level of odor-causing hydrogen sulfide in the mouth. Apparently it also cuts back on bacteria in the mouth. Plaque and gum disease were reduced in the study’s yogurt eaters as well. Plus, the American Dietetic Association (ADA) recommends getting enough vitamin D from yogurt, cheese and milk if you’re worried about halitosis because this vitamin creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria growth. Be sure to get the kind of yogurt with active cultures-not overly processed or sugar-added varieties.
3.  Crunchy types. Apples, carrots, celery-basically any fiber-rich fruit or vegetable is your friend when it comes to fighting halitosis. Inside your mouth, plaque build-up causes odors. Eating foods that increase saliva production keep the mouth moist-and rinsed out. Also, many carbs and proteins can get stuck in your teeth-even healthy foods like whole grain cereal or chicken breast. So follow a meal with a Granny Smith (feel the saliva kick in at the mention of it?) to cleanse the mouth.
4.  Masking techniques. Sugarless gum shouldn’t replace brushing your teeth after a meal, but in a pinch it can freshen breath (masking odors) and is another way to increase saliva production to rinse away plaque and bacteria. Mints can mask as well, but only briefly-and go for sugarless. Sugar creates plaque, and no one wants a mint that makes breath worse.
5.  High C’s. Eating berries, citrus fruits, melons and other vitamin C-rich foods create an inhospitable environment for bacteria growth. A diet rich in vitamin C is also is important for preventing gum disease and gingivitis-both major causes of halitosis.

Final Thoughts

I would like to introduce our newest team member, Jodi Ardis. Jodi has been in dentistry for over 20 years and has served our country in the Air Force where she was a dental lab technician. Jodi has two sons, CJ, age 12 and Robbie, age 9. Jodi’s favorite music is country, her favorite author is Stephen King and she enjoys camping and hiking with her family. We are extremely privileged to have Jodi as part of our team.

Dr. Frank Wolf
Majestic Dentistry
(623) 551-6300

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